Reduce Load on the Database

Cacheonix allows you significantly reduce the load on the database by storing all frequently-accessed database data in a strictly-consistent distributed write-through cache. Strict consistency guarantees that all servers in the cluster see the updates even when the machines in the cluster are dying or new machines are joining the cluster. Without strict consistency, the cache must periodically expire the stale cached data and re-read the fresh data from the database that further increases the load on the database. For many applications inconsistent data may lead to catastrophic results, and often is not allowed. Cacheonix enables strictly consistent access to cached data by building on top of a proprietary reliable high-speed clustering protocol. Cacheonix write-through cache makes it possible to access database only for occasional writes while servicing all data from a large distributed cache.

In addition to reducing the load on the database, Cacheonix helps developers to scale applications horizontally and to maximize application performance.