Cacheonix versus OSCache


Cacheonix is an Open Source caching solution for Java. Cacheonix helps companies achieve reliability, scalability and performance of their enterprise applications by distributing cached data across a cluster of servers connected by a high-speed network and converting the per-node memory into a large cache of the shared address space.

OSCache is a Java framework developed by now-defunct OpenSymphony.


Cacheonix is fully supported. Whether you are evaluating Cacheonix or already a Cacheonix customer, Cacheonix offers a full range of support options including public support forum, e-mail and phone support. Cacheonix is developed professionally by Cacheonix team.

OSCache is no longer supported or developed. With demise of OpenSymphony in the beginning of 2011, development of OSCache was abandoned

Distributed Caching

Cacheonix provides a reliable coherent distributed cache. Cacheonix ensures data consistency and availability by building on top of a custom, reliable, replicated, high-performance clustering protocol. Cacheonix guarantees strict data consistency and cache coherence. With Cacheonix, it is impossible to observe stale data after a key was added, updated or removed, even as servers fail or join a cluster.

OSCache uses rudimentary cache invalidation based on lossfull multicast. OSCache doesn't provide any data consistency or reliability guarantees. Application using OSCache may experience data inconsistencies and data loss.

Integration with ORM frameworks

Cacheonix provides plugins for with Hibernate, MyBatis and iBatis. Cacheonix integration with ORM frameworks works both for distributed deployments in a cluster and single-JVM applications. Cacheonix integration with MyBatis offers developers advanced features such as per-select caching and cache invalidation based solely on time.

OSCache provides plugins for Hibernate, MyBatis and iBatis that work only in single-JVM environments.

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